VEKA always means a unique fascination and innovation every day.

The VEKA SPECTRAL design is a special experience that instantly activates the sense of aesthetics and elegance.

VEKA SPECTRAL opens to the beneficiaries a new aesthetic dimension through:

- Delicate and refined varnishing of surfaces.
- Incomparable aesthetics with a fascinating look that amazes with an extraordinary power of colors.
- The VEKA quality standard is unequalled by the complexity of the manufacturing technology.
- Unique superior resistance to scratches or external natural factors.
- A special product intended exclusively for VEKA partners.



Always in trend, VEKA SPECTRAL offers exclusive shades for visionary customers.

- Ultra-matte anthracite gray
- Ultra-matte gray
- Ultra-matte ombre gray
- Ultra-matte pure white
- Ultra-matte white
- Ultra-matte blue steel
- Ultra-matte graphite black
- Ultra-matte fir green
- Ultra-matte monumental green

VEKA means safety for decades and VEKA quality is the very definition of resistance itself.

- The attraction is immediate both to the eye, through the special color, and to the touch, through the delicate surface.
- We treat the surfaces with a special process of varnishing by hardening to give a high resistance to scratches, abrasions and aggressive substances in the environment.
- The stability of the profiles is provided by a minimum heat absorption.
- Whatever the changes in temperature and humidity, the resistance is high.
- Any processed surface is tested according to RAL procedures.
- We are always a reliable partner and offer a 10-year warranty on weather resistance.

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Metaller - Manufacturer of PVC and Aluminum joinery with VEKA profiles - tradition of over 40 years in the production of window profiles and thermo insulated doors.

VEKA JOINERY PVC | Aluminium Joynery Manufacturer

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