We take care of the details that make the difference. Comfort, functionality, design and quality.
The main activity of the Metaller brand is the production of PVC and aluminium joinery, as well as the marketing, manufacturing and processing of high-quality PVC and aluminium products.



Join the Metaller family

Any beginning of a journey in a business can be a difficult journey and loaded with certain processes and beyond. A journey in which you invest financial resources, time and patience, but the result may not be exactly what you expect.

With Metaller Dealer all these inconveniences become almost forgotten. Metaller Dealer is the franchise through which you can start your own business easily and quickly. We provide you our professionalism and experience so that your business can work.

Metaller Windows is a manufacturer of PVC and Aluminum joinery, with modern factory and technology, VEKA Class A profiles. Customer trust, project success and efficiency recommend us.


Why choose the Metaller Windows franchise?

Simple, we provide you with all the resources you need to succeed. The reasons why Metaller may be the solution for you are:

- A turnkey business: We designed a package through which the franchise is profitable, verified in financial terms, the system is profitable, this way you buy a business that is already sustainable.

- You have a direct relationship with the manufacturer Metaller: There are no third parties between you and us, this aspect completely eliminates the negative influence of prices, we assure you that you will benefit from the best offers.

- We invest constantly: Our factory is equipped with the latest technologies, quality materials, VEKA Class A profiles - leader on the PVC joinery market. We invest in people, in the professional development of our employees.

- Low costs: You have the advantage of having low costs compared to other types of franchises.

Metaller Dealer has all the chances of beneficial development over time. You evolve with us, with the Metaller brand.

- Access to Digital content for promotion: We have prepared special Brand brochures - You have access to the entire Metaller guideline, this way you make sure that your visual presence is a professional and efficient one. Don't have a design company to work with? We provide you our collaborators and their design studio.

- Various products and services: Besides PVC and Aluminum joinery, you can choose from a wide range of products that we sell directly from our partners.
Get in touch with us, let's talk and lay the groundwork for the Metaller franchise for you.

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